2016 - The Year of Good Success

Blessings everyone!

As we are thankful to God for bringing us into a new year, we are always looking forward to new opportunities, promises, declarations, and even resolutions. If we we're not careful, each new year will become cliche, and our expectations may either lower or drift away. It is important that we all hear from God concerning what He already has for us, and make sure we are positioning ourselves daily to receive His word continually, and meditate on it. At our church's New Years Eve gathering, The Lord revealed to us that 2016 is the year of good success, according to Joshua 1:6-8. One of our requirements, according to scripture, is that we meditate (study, utter and rehearse) on God's instructions both day and night. This means when we can see or when we can't see....our obedience to God or our tenacity in God is not contingent upon what we can or cannot see in the natural, but should be consistent with what God has already said.

Good success is simply the potent capacity to understand and exercise skill in life. Did you see the word "potent" in that definition? This good success that God wants to bring into all areas of our lives is designed to bring great influence or effect; it causes others around us (our audience) to become pregnant with vision and "know-how". In other words, this good success is a contagious success. Skill is a learned power or ability to use one's knowledge effectively and readily, with the effort to make a difference. It is the "know how", if you will, that comes through God's revelation to you regarding who He is and who you are.

In the year of good success, we will also see the manifestation of the key of David, according to Isaiah 22:22 and Revelation 3:7-8, which references the fact that doors will be open that no man can shut, and that doors will be shut that no man can open. This means we will see supernatural access, divine interruptions, stability, transition, and graces that ends certain sabotages in our lives. Through God's revelation to us, we will discover and/or rediscover our divine significance.

This is your year of good success....own it, believe it, be it!

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